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Mid Autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradition practiced in South East Asian cultures - known in Vietnam as Tết Trung Thu - to celebrate and commemorate a bountiful harvest. Held on the 15th of August of the lunar calendar each year, when the moon is believed to be brightest and roundest, the festival is symbolic of unity and harmony with families gathering to cook and share meals together. In modern day context, the Mid-Autumn Festival has evolved into a children's holiday when the streets are lit bright with lanterns and roused with families enjoying the occasion.

Join Hanoi Garden this Mid-Autumn Festival and relish in the company of family and friends. As the weather eases into fall, our airy courtyard once again takes on a charm that makes it an idealic space for a mid-autumn night dinner.


Fresh Summer Roll

Light, crisp and refreshing; Hanoi Garden's Summer Roll is an unconventional play on the traditional Vietnamese Spring Roll.

The appetizer carries just as much character with a subtle sweetness from the watermelon and a bright tang from the pineapple; the flavors intertwining to break the summer lethargy. Paired with an umami bean paste for some added funk, the Summer Roll is the ideal start to any summer night.


Rock Salt Baked Jumbo Prawns

Baked and served in a cast iron oven, the Rock Salt Baked Jumbo Prawns is a highly explorable dish with several contrasting elements.

Rough and jaggy on first impression, lifting the cast iron lid set free a cloud of steam; shrouding the content beneath while carrying with it an earthy . As the cloud fritter away, you'll find the lustrous red shells and softly curving jumbo prawns, dappled with the liquefied remnants of the rock salt. Seeping through the cracks in the prawns' shell, the rock salt lightly seasons and adds an unique minerality to the dish.

Paired with our house-made chili sauce, the sweetness of the jumbo prawns is beautifully complimented by the fragrant Da Lat Green Chilies and tangy lime mixture.


Happy Woman Day

International Women’s day is about honoring women’s accomplishment around the world.

This coming March 8th, celebrate the achievements and dedication of the women in your life, families and friends, colleagues and cherish the memorable moments over dinner with Hanoi Garden.